11 Songs With Perfect Harmonies

There are those moments, select and vaguely spiritual, when layers of voices fold into one another, when different notes rest together and make one achingly beautiful sound, and you can only exclaim “holy harmony!”. For when you are craving those moments of musical ecstasy, I suggest this playlist. Featuring the sweetly compact duo My Bubba, the queens of a smooth blend — Lucius, the soulful trio The Lone Bellow, and many more, this eleven-song compilation is sure to make your heart explode.


1. Lucius – Two of Us On the Run
2. Little Green Cars – The John Wayne
3. Cathedral Pearls – Off My Chain
4. Luke Sigal-Singh – Fail for You
5. Joseph – Wind
6. The Staves – Blood I Bed
7. My Bubba – Knitting
8. Nathaniel Rateliff & the Night Sweats – I’ve Been Failing
9. The Lone Bellow – Tree To Grorw
10. Hey Rosetta – Trish’s Song
11. Bear’s Den – Bad Blood

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