20 Favorite Prince Songs

Prince is a legend — an artist so singular that at times he doesn’t even need a name. Over the past several decades, Prince has lead the dance revolution through a mixture of funk, flair and outright sex. With music that’s influenced countless artists and a style that is so unique it can only be his, The Purple One has proven himself time and time again to be one of the greatest pop stars the world has ever seen — and that’s no exaggeration. He’s a sexual icon, a guitar god, a pop mastermind and, of course, a cultural touchstone. He can flow between classic rock, funk, psychedelia and R&B with the ease of no other. He weaves stories, he shreds and he always makes us dance.

Prince has released so much music that coming up with only 20 songs that we love is next to impossible. Inevitably, some favorites were left out, some b-sides left undiscovered and some wildly awesome dance jams forgotten. With the list below, though, you won’t have any problems putting on some dancing shoes, your deepest cut blouse and your tightest pants and moving along to one of pop’s most undisputed sex symbols.

Sadly, we made this list before Prince took all his music off Spotify and gave it to Tidal, in a move that probably only made Jay Z happy (to be fair, I bet he was very happy). The Purple One giveth, and The Purple One taketh away. Regardless, our banging list is below and  you can listen to it in your mind’s ear, or if you happen to have a Tidal subscription.



20. Darling Nikki

19.  Lady Cab Driver

18. The Ballad of Dorothy Parker

17. Let’s Pretend We’re Married

16. Do Me, Baby

15. Cream

14. Sexy MF

13. Diamonds and Pearls

12. Head

11. Erotic City

10. Raspberry Beret

9. Dirty Mind

8. Peach

9. Sign O The Times

7. Little Red Corvette

6. I Would Die 4 U

5. Controversy

4. I Wanna Be Your Lover

3. 1999

2. Kiss

1. When Doves Cry / Purple Rain

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