A few weeks back, when there were still some leaves on the trees, I took the train up to Westchester so I could snag my parent’s car and take a ride to Park Slope in Brooklyn.  Not just any ride, of course, but to pick up Ian Hultquist (also of Passion Pit) and Sofia Degli Alessandri of Aislyn.  After a very pleasant trip back up to Westchester with the couple spent listening to YAWN, Givers, and Cee Lo Green, we arrived at my parent’s house.  I gave them the grand tour of the house, epic bathrooms and all, then munched on some delicious food while getting all the equipment ready for our Buzzsession.

Situated at the end of the dock on an upside-down canoe, Ian and Sofia performed “Nailbiter”, “Wake Up”, and “Dear One” for myself, Nicole, and my parents.

Special thanks to Melanie Steinway for the amazing art above.  For more of her work, click here.

‘Buzzsessions’ is a live session series made by The Wild Honey Pie.  With each new episode, we travel with a different band to a different part of New York City (or in this case, Westchester, New York) and record sometimes-intimate/sometimes-wild versions of two or three songs which are given away for free.

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