Noah Lennox, David Porner, and the rest of the gang from Animal Collective have released a short, five-song EP entitled Fall Be Kind. You can already purchase the entire album through iTunes, though physical copies of the disc will not go on sale until the 15th of December.

What can you expect fromĀ Fall Be Kind? Well, the band’s back at it with the same experimental psych indie that made Merriweather Post Pavilion so popular. I definitely see why Animal Collective has such a massive following of internet people. They are very different, while remaining playable enough to jam out to with your friends.

While I do respect their music, and the attention they have gotten for it, I cannot understand how so many people listen to their last album all the way through, claiming it’s God’s gift to the world. It isn’t. The Fall Be Kind, is a solid, yet highly flawed, release. I often find songs overwhelmingly chaotic, a characteristic of their music that most fan adore.

If you are going to check out one track from the new EP, make sure to listen to “What Would I Want? Sky”. Though the song begins as an shuffling mess of electronic notes, percussion, and distant vocals, it shapes up to become a structured pop song. It’s a great example of Animal Collective’s versatility, and hopefully a preview of what’s in store from the band in the near future. I give the EP a 3/5.

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