Every week I take home handfuls of new CDs in order to analyze and review them for my boss. Some of these have included masterpieces from the Local Natives, Basement Jaxx, Florence and the Machine, and The xx. Most recently, I gave a thorough listen to Dinosaur Pile-Up’s EP, The Most Powerful EP in the Universe. I had to listen to the disk all the way through a couple times before I could form an honest opinion.

While the album certainly doesn’t lack excitement, it seems to me as if lead singer, Matt Bigland, has not found the correct balance of instruments and vocals. There are various times that his songs feel too busy, and could benefit from even clearer vocals and stronger drums. Dinosaur Pile-Up definitely knows how to rock out, however. Bigland effectively uses his voice, singing with varying degrees of aggression throughout the EP, to successfully develop forceful melodies.

Though this album is filled with enjoyable material that will undoubtedly appeal to many indie rock fans, the members of Dinosaur Pile-Up could definitely refine their sound. I look forward to tracking the progress of this up and coming band as they ascend the ranks of England’s indie rock scene.

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