The very Dylan-esque Mark Oliver Everett is at it for the second time in two years with his autobiographical record known as End Times. The album encompasses Everett’s trials and tribulations that he endured while going through a messy divorce. ┬áThe album is filled with pretty songs that aren’t going to blow anyone away with high notes or crazy guitar riffs. That isn’t the point though. Everett’s lyrics are special, and he proves throughout the album why Eels is so successful.

Songs such as “Little Bird” and “High and Lonesome” are slightly depressing (yet somewhat hopefully) songs that detail the emotions that someone experiencing a tough divorce goes through. Everett wears his heart on his sleeve when during “Little Bird”, he sings “right now you’re the only friend I have in the world.” It’s really quite revealing.

I think my favorite track on the album is “In My Younger Days”, which happens to be the opening song. It’s a tale of feeling old, and reminiscing. In his deep, crackingling voice, Everett sings about how he may have been able to get past what he’s going through a lot easier when he was younger. I find it sad that someone can think that age is holding him/her back from overcoming the pain of heartbreak. It is, however, refreshing to find someone sing about such a revealing matter.

This is an intense album that’s filled with soul-filled, soft songs. These group of folk tunes is pretty unique, yet don’t always come through when I thought they should. It isn’t catchy, but in this case, I find that completely fine. Now go ahead, and check out this link (click here) to the album in iTunes.

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