Alpines’ Another River

The sophomore LP release from Alpines is finally upon us via Metropolis Recordings, and Another River delivers in every imaginable way. When we covered their first album single “Completely” it was clear that the music was shifting into new territory, as the duo experimented with new mashups in their soundscape repertoire.

One thing is abundantly clear from the start — the music drifts effortlessly between multiple artistic styles, displaying a full arsenal of magical music-making abilities that have been elevated and refined by the duo for the better part of a decade.

Another River is filled with soul-searching passion in a catalog of ballad-blended pop songs that hinge on the edgier tone of R&B. With Catherine Pockson at the helm of emotive outpouring, every note is underlined with intention and soul. When she makes an unapologetic declaration, you’re inclined to believe it, highlighting her lyricism and songwriting skills as one of the stars on the album. Her brand of vocal intensity that utilizes upper and lower ranges with incredible ease can transform a feeling at the drop of a beat.

The atmospheric production skills from Bob Matthews easily share the spotlight with Pockson’s hypnotic vocal delivery, and the entire album creation has a distinguished performance quality to it — from the applause-driven piano entrance on the opening title track down to the soaring ballad on “How it Hurts” stripped down to its basic elements. Another River is a force of emotion completely capable of breaking out Alpines to greater worldwide acclaim and giving them long overdue credibility and longevity.

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