ARMS Led a Group of Top-Notch Acts for Their Record Release [Photos]

June 15, 2016 Comments Off on ARMS Led a Group of Top-Notch Acts for Their Record Release [Photos]

Photos By Quinn Navarro

Last week, ARMS celebrated the release of their new record, Patterns, with us at Baby’s All Right.  Along with New Myths, Corbu, and Dave Harrington, ARMS put on an enthusiastic and passion-filled performance to celebrate their record release, and all four groups collectively gave an energetic, driving show.

Dave Harrington opened the night, playing solo guitar. Harrington played to a fascinated audience, as he performed a mellow and intriguing set with just guitar. His music showed the influences of both jazz and rock (including as a performer in ARMS), and set the audience up for a night of both intriguing and exciting music. Corbu continued to fascinate and excite, as the trio performed adorned in all white with an illuminated square on their chests. Projected behind them was an impressive light display that characterized the moods of their songs. Corbu once again blew the audience away with their futuristic vibe.

New Myths blended electronic elements and haunting vocal melodies to create a powerful effect that captured the audience and kept them hooked. The awaited artist of the night, ARMS, packed in an excited audience and delivered a thrilling performance to meet anticipation! Their performance of their new music lived up to the praise calling it “the best album that ARMS have put together.” The band played a diverse and emotional set, which included both their old and new music and perfectly celebrated the release of Patterns.

New Myths
Dave Harrington

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