For our latest edition of Beekeeping, we’re welcoming Harris Shper, leadman of Montreal band How Sad, to share with us his favorites, old and new. We’re all huge fans here and couldn’t be more excited about their debut EP, Indian Summer, which hits shelves tomorrow. Read on to hear what tunes the band picked for this month’s Beekeeping mixtape:

I’ve been escaping to the country as often as I can. It’s August and I start to worry about the last days of summer coming up, the air is a little cooler and suddenly I remember that this doesn’t last forever — the swimming, the BBQs, late nights on the back porch with friends and drinks, watching the sun rise when I mostly shouldn’t be — in fact I remember that the sun doesn’t always stay in the sky past four in the afternoon.

So it’s August, and you try to make the most of it. And it’s easy to do because it’s beautiful. Driving along the dirt roads with the radio blasting and watching the lazy evening slip into green valleys with the cows grazing beside their red barns and stuff just like that. Oh beautiful. Then, I’m back in the city, I’m walking down a deserted street late at night. And it’s good. Because I love this city and I’m listening to music and breathing in the air that’s just a bit more crisp than the day before, and I start to remember when I first arrived in Montreal, years ago, it was August as well, and it was so new and exciting and the music that I heard! Montreal has raised me and made me become whatever it is that I am now, and it wouldn’t be right to make a playlist without including so many wonderful Montreal artists such as the ones scattered throughout this group of songs.

Here’s August in music — it’s up and down, sometimes it’s Bud Light and sometimes it’s Bud, and sometimes it’s not even.


YouTube playlist:

  1. “Lalita” – The Love Language
  2. “President I Am” – Slow Children
  3. “Fever Dreams” – Nurses
  4. “Ashes to Ashes” – David Bowie
  5. “Dracula’s Wedding” – OutKast
  6. “Water” – Jamaican Queens
  7. “Green Rain” – Shugo Tokumaru
  8. “Take Care” – Beach House
  9. “Winston” – Bound Stems
  10. “Hey Lover” – Blake Mills
  11. “Destroyer’s the Temple” – Destroyer
  12. “I Saw The Light” – Todd Rundgren
  13. “Anyone Who Had A Heart” – Dionne Warwick
  14. “Patches” – Clarence Carter
  15. “Electric Slim & The Factory Hen” – T. Rex
  16. “Us Ones In Between” – Sunset Rubdown
  17. “Paris 2004” – Peter Bjorn And John
  18. “Glass, Concrete & Stone” – David Byrne
  19. “New Summer” – Young Galaxy
  20. “Forget” – Twin Shadow
  21. “Summer Special” – Land Of Talk
  22. “Love Can Be So Mean” – Sebastien Grainger
  23. “Freeze The Saints” – Stephen Malkmus
  24. “Beijing” – Patrick Watson
  25. “Strange Mercy” – St. Vincent
  26. “Bad Girls” – M.I.A.
  27. “Conditioning” – Cadence Weapon
  28. “Evergreen” – The Fiery Furnaces
  29. “Ya Hey” – Vampire Weekend
  30. “The River of Dreams” – Billy Joel
  31. “Sleep Of The Just” – Elvis Costello
  32. “Golden” – The Tontons
  33. “Sweet Sixteen” – Think About Life
  34. “Work” – Iggy Azalea
  35. “Miscalculations” – Miracle Fortress
  36. “Broken Dreams Club” – Girls
  37. “No Surprises” – Radiohead
  38. “Passage” – Exitmusic
  39. “I Can’t Tell In His Eyes” – Wildbirds & Peacedrums
  40. “Merry Go ‘Round” – Kacey Musgraves
  41. “Shivers” – Divine Fits
  42. “Two” – The Antlers
  43. “Heavy Metal Drummer” – Wilco
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