Graphic by Miro Denck

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! For this months playlist we payed tribute to the day of feasting with a playlist that brings in songs from bands that somehow relate to something Thanksgiving-y. From The Cranberries, to The History of Apple Pie, These New Puritans and of course the quintessential Thanksgiving song “Alice’s Restaurant” (in all it’s 2o minute glory). This list ranges pretty much every genre- indie, funk, punk and folk we’ve got it all and best of all, pretty much all of it makes for perfect cooking and eating music. We were so excited to have Alex Beckmann of Snowmine help us out with this month’s list!

Now, to take away from the punny fun of the playlist and get sappy, we also wanted to take this time to thank you all. We here at The Wild Honey Pie love working at the site and sharing music with you, and you all make it so incredibly wonderful. To everyone who reads, comments, comes out to the shows, watches the videos — basically everyone, thank you so much for your support. Happy Thanksgiving everyone, hope you are all happy and full!



  1. “Ode To My Family” – The Cranberries
  2. “Bows + Arrows” – The Walkmen
  3. “Thanks for You” – The Nat King Cole Trio
  4. “I Am Haunted” – Indians
  5. “Jive Turkey” – Ohio Players
  6. “Fragment Two” – These New Puritans
  7. “Thanksgiving Theme” – Vince Guaraldi Trio
  8. “Thankful” – Caveman
  9. “Pocahontas” – Neil Young
  10. “Mr. November” – The National
  11. “You’re So Cool” – The History of Apple Pie
  12. “Gravy (For My Mashed Potatoes)” – The Ventures
  13. “Native North American Child” – Buffy Saint-Marie
  14. “Colombia – Local Natives
  15. “Thank You” – Dido
  16. “Smallpox Champion” – Fugazi
  17. “My Hometown” – Bruce Springsteen
  18. “Thankful ‘N’ Thoughtful” – Sly and the Family Stone
  19. “November Rain” – Guns ‘N’ Roses
  20. “Thrice All American” – Neko Case
  21. “Meat is Murder” – The Smiths
  22. “Devil’s Pie” – D’Angelo
  23. “Cherokee” – Cat Power
  24. “Black Friday” – Steely Dan
  25. “Bread” – Yellow Ostrich
  26. “Thanksgiving Prayer” – Johnny Cash
  27. “Alice’s Restaurant” – Arlo Guthrie
  28. “Living Room” – Native America
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