Big Baby’s New Song ‘Not That’ is Summer Power at it’s Best [Premiere]

There’s no better time for power-pop than the middle of summer. Richmond’s Big Baby new track is exactly the kind of sweet-and-sour pop that makes for the perfect sweaty listening. ‘Not That’ is a flawless 2 minutes of jangle and jam, a pop track that’s laden in guitars and lo-fi vocals that sound straight out of the ‘wall of sound’ production of the 60s. It’s exactly what summer sounds like. Of the song, Ali Mislowski says

 “I wrote this song when my job was to sit outside of the DMV and register people to vote for a summer. I got so many unwelcome comments– lewd, and just weird as hell. I wrote ‘Not That’ as a way to deal with it during my down time there. I think the comment that led to the song was a man saying he should call me “Butternut” because of the tan I had from sitting out there everyday.”

Check out the track above and if you’re in Richmond, be sure to check out their EP release show on 7/15 at Strange Matter.Big Baby’s new EP Sour Patch is available through EggHunt Records.

  • Alan Everhart

    This song is so good I want to jump out of a moving car

  • Paul Ivey

    They rule. Big Baby will own you.

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