Bombay Bicycle Club


Artwork by FONZY NILS


It’s hard to deny the infectious beauty of Bombay Bicycle Club’s music. The band’s cerebral approach to composition nurtures a sound that’s easy on the ears and heavy on layers of vocals and strings. Their music weaves from delicate spaces of soft harmonies to resounding musical exaltation. For these reasons, we will forever love this band.

We caught up with the UK songsmiths at our go-to Douglass Street Records in Brooklyn, New York. Myles Rodenhouse helmed the mixing board, and his brother Jake Rodenhouse provided the mastering. We hope you bliss out with these infectious renditions of “Luna” and “It’s Alright Now.”

‘Buzzsessions’ is an original series of live music videos produced by The Wild Honey Pie. With each new episode, we capture footage of our favorite bands as they record alternate studio-quality versions of their songs.

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EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Eric Weiner & Jon Lurie
PRODUCER: Stephen Robinson
DIRECTOR: Stephen Tonti
EDITOR: Derek Goulet
FILMED BY: Stephen Tonti & Mark Hayes
RECORDED & MIXED BY: Myles Rodenhouse
MASTERED BY: Jake Rodenhouse


  • K.B. Imle

    Oh boy. I already like you guys. Big love.

  • Jareyou

    Bombay Bicycle Club is amazing

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