BOYO Returns with Machines EP [Stream]

Not too long ago, BOYO boy (Bobby Tilden) released his debut album, Control. Now, he’s back with a bonus EP, Machines, via the excellent Danger Collective Records. It’s short, sweet, sad, dreamy and still very much attuned to the rhythm of The Strokes. Once more, Tilden provides his listeners with self-referential lyrics that one can relate to, à la schadenfreude.

The title track has a fairly casual and nonchalant gait, with lyrics as such: “Your machine is so much better than my machine/ My machine, it’s so dirty.” This honest account demonstrates how Tilden interprets vices and exteriors in the world. And that’s exactly how BOYO operates. Pointless crooning and meager lyrics are not a part of his repertoire. You’d be hard-pressed to say the Machines EP leaves something to be desired, save for the fact that it only carries three tracks.

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