10 Artists to Watch from SXSW 2017

6 years ago by Hannah Angst

There are over 15oo bands that played SXSW 2017, and while we tried mightily to see all of them, we’re not super humans. We did see a ton of great bands, though, so many that it was a struggle to narrow down our very favorites. These ten are the ones that we’re sure you’ll be hearing about long after the hangovers subside and the sleep we missed is made up. Check out our 10 [READ ON]

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Top Free Parties at SXSW 2017

6 years ago by Hannah Angst

Graphic by Ryan Gillett

SXSW is nothing if not overwhelming. As Austin shuts down and roving gangs of music industry vets and hopefuls lay waste to the normally peaceful town. We wanted to make life a little easier on those going down to SXSW 2017, so we put together a list of the best parties happening all week long. Check out our picks below, and be sure to head to our shindig The Beehive on Friday at Weather [READ ON]

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We Had an Amazing Time at The Beehive SXSW with Aurora, PWR BTTM and More [Photos]

7 years ago by Hannah Angst

Photos by Kayla Willey

Sure, we may be a little biased, but the best party at SXSW this year was The Beehive. With our friends at Bumble and Verb, we took over The Swan Dive’s two stages for a day of music from some of our favorite artists playing the festival. It was incredible from start to finish, from the Austin Eastcider and much needed Bumble handheld fans to the Verb braid bar and most importantly, the amazing sets — the garage rock of PWR BTTM, the magic of Margaret Glaspy, the dulcet tones of Pure Bathing Culture and the mind [READ ON]

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10 Breakout Artists of SXSW 2016

7 years ago by All Of Us

SXSW is a huge behemoth that attracts as many giant stars as it does up and comers. Any festival that can snag a surprise headline set by Drake is obviously as big as they come. While it’s true that there are larger artists playing Austin’s streets, it doesn’t mean that SXSW is any less of a necessity for newer artists. Whereas SXSW years ago was all about discovery, these days it’s more about solidification. Bands that already have buzz go down to Austin to prove definitively that they’re exactly as great [READ ON]

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SXSW 2016 Photo Recap [Photos]

7 years ago by Hannah Angst

We can talk about SXSW until our faces turn blue, but there’s no way to describe the chaos better than showing it. With so many acts and shows at any given moment in Austin, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and not even know where to start. Lucky for us, we had some incredible photographers to help document the wildness and show you the bands that we loved the most. It’s definitely just a taste of the [READ ON]

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SXSW 2016 Free Parties RSVP List

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SXSW 2016 Artists to Watch

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8 years ago by Hannah Angst

For the last few years we’ve thrown a party called The Beehive at SXSW and every year it is a singular joy. It’s always one of the days of music we look forward to the most and this year was absolutely no different! Thanks to our amazing friends at Squarespace, Chameleon Cold Brew, Rhythm Super Foods and Austin East Cider, we were able to bring some of our favorite bands to the amazing Historic Scoot Inn for an incredible way to end SXSW. Squarespace even bought $200 of merch from each of the bands so we could give fans everything from vinyl to tee shirts from their favorite bands. We’re eternally grateful for everyone who made the amazing day possible and of course, all of you who braved the Austin mud and rain to party with us!

Photos by Colton Moyer

Modern Rivals

Prince Rama



San Fermin


Sun Nectar


Wild Child


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It’s always a bit of a blur coming back from SXSW. Seeing so many bands, so many people and honestly, all the walking, can make everything bleed together. Still, there are always the sets that stand out among the Lone Star fueled haze — the bands that you know without a shadow of a doubt are about to break big. Or at least the ones that you know for a fact you’ll be seeing again at the earliest possible moment. These are the ten bands, both new and old, that truly blew us away. Go out and see them immediately, we promise you won’t regret it.


Foreign Fields – In Hiding

They didn’t play very many sets, but the one I caught was otherworldly. Bringing a string section and full band to St. David’s church on Friday night, Foreign Fields stunned the packed crowd from the first note. Their lovely harmonies and mixture of orchestral folk with electronic drum tracks filled the room so perfectly that not a single breath was heard throughout the entire set. Layered, complex and beautiful, they easily earned the standing ovation they got from the jaded industry crowd. Easily one of the most moving and surprisingly powerful sets of SXSW. — Hannah Angst


Houndmouth – Ludlow

Proving that enthusiasm is infectious, Houndmouth, dazzled the masses at this year’s SXSW. The Indiana quartet took Austin by storm, performing 11 shows in just 6 days, and proved to be an even livelier and rowdy bunch on stage than on their record. All four members traded off on vocals and instruments during their sets, but throughout the switch-offs never lost their zestful stage presence. The true magic happened on Day Three of SXSW when they played in the pouring rain at South X San Jose. The rain didn’t let up, but neither did Houndmouth or the enormous crowd that gathered to sing and dance to the band’s latest single “Sedona”. — Kim Barrena


Jack Garrett – The Love You’re Given

Jack Garrett makes things tremble around him. That’s not an exaggeration — the rooms he played in literally shook with the power of his pulsating drum machine. But it’s not the just the fact that his baselines hit you in the chest and don’t let go. It’s the fact that he can go from a sweet crooning whisper to creating a storm of sound in a second, and the fact that he does it all by himself. Armed with a voice that’s as sweetly vulnerable as the best pop stars, a keyboard, a drum machine and a guitar that he wails on all by himself, Garrett’s performances are absolutely something to behold. He’s garnered the likely comparison to Chet Faker with his soulful electronics, but he has is more grit and intensity, enough to make everything around him begin to shake. — Hannah Angst


Leon Bridges – Coming Home

Never underestimate the power of nostalgia. While Leon Bridges could be shrugged off as a well made blast from the past and nothing more, what he brings to his well done pastiche is straight up talent. Look past his high waisted pants and old R&B (as in Rhythm and Blues) sound, and what you have is a man with undeniable talent and even more undeniable songs. There’s a reason Bridges was one of the most talked about acts in Austin this year — he puts on a hell of a show. His sets were enough to make even the most rowdy crowd at Hype Hotel and Heartbreaker Banquet stand in rapt attention the entire time. Bridges will be a house hold name soon enough, and he absolutely deserves it. — Hannah Angst


Marian Hill – One Time

A mix of sexy and strong female vocals, layered electronic production and some of the coolest sax solos around, it’s hard not to immediately fall in love with Marian Hill. After finally seeing a live set after moths of prothletising that they will be the next big thing, I’m ready to say without a shadow of a doubt that they will explode this year. The three piece brings a combination of levity, sexiness and style to their live sets that makes it a joy to watch. They don’t take themselves too seriously, even though the depth and intelligence of the production demands that you do. They’re able to make sure that everyone knows they are having a great time while still demanding attention. Go see this band now, before you have to stand in the back of Terminal 5. — Hannah Angst


Rubblebucket – Carousel Ride

To say that I had a good time during Rubblebucket’s set at The Beehive on Saturday would be a massive, massive understatement. Whether they were electrifying the stage, roaming amongst the crowd (horns in hand) or joining Wild Child later on, their brand of avant-pop was tailor made for a SXSW crowd. With an eclectic mix of members on stage, audiences are drawn in by not only some killer hooks and epic musicianship, but the spectacle of the band dancing in unison and having an absolute blast on stage. There’s nothing but love at a Rubblebucket set, so don’t miss out! — Lauren McKinney


Stromae – Papaoutai

International phenomenon and US unknown Stromae took the stage at Stubb’s BBQ  for NPR Music’s showcase and proved he won’t be unknown for long. In “Tous les Mêmes”, he turned his face to the side and wore half of a woman’s wig as he sang a female’s point of view, then turned his face to the other side and strutted with apish arm-swinging masochism while delivering a male point of view. In “Formidable” he pretended to be drunk and sad over an ex-lover, shouting with angry acceptance. His backing band stayed tight for the duration of the set, except for during “Formidable” when Stromae laid down, giving up, still pretending to be drunk with discord, and a band member carried him away. We all cheered in awe of the Belgian, as he returned to give only more impressive dance moves with massive energy. This dude is the Bruno Mars of Europe, and kept this American intrigued, even if I couldn’t understand most of his lyrics. Stromae is a must-see. — Dan Gross


Bright Light Social Hour – Infinite Cities

The Bright Light Social Hour aren’t a band you bring home to mom and dad. They’re the band you stay out with all night, drinking and rabble-rousing till you just can’t stand anymore. Putting aside their immense musical talent for a moment, they’re the type of band that makes you feel connected — makes you feel alive. Their energy, whether on a stage or in the corner of a room during SXSW, is unparalleled, and their musicianship is the enormous cherry on top of an explosive cake. They’ve been making the rounds for a while now, but if you haven’t had the chance to catch their live show, do it and do it now. — Lauren McKinney


Torres – Sprinter

Spanning from a soft whisper to a loud yowl, Torres, otherwise known as Mackenzie Scott, has a knack for making a crowded venue turn into something more intimate and personal. There’s a special allure that comes with anything Torres seems to be doing lately, and her performances during SXSW were no exception for this Nashville native. The overcast sky and slight drizzle during her Saturday performance set the tone for a hauntingly beautiful show that had the crowd swaying with every chord progression and spellbound through the erupting ferocity of every ballad. Torres takes you on an emotional journey with “A Proper Polish Welcome” and “Strange Hellos”, making you feel like you’ve just witnessed a whole existence lived within them. Torres was a definite standout at this year’s SXSW, her emotional howls hit the ground like sledgehammers and solidified her forthcoming album, Sprinter, as being one of this year’s most anticipated. — Kim Barrena


Wild Child – Left Behind

Dear Wild Child, you fill my heart with love and sadness and happiness and so much more. Spending this past week with you, watching you perform and seeing how much love you share with your fans has been the experience of a lifetime. You have become my favorite band in the world, and I want to make sure every one of my friends knows just how perfect you are. Each member brings something uniquely special to the table, from Kelsey’s silky smooth vocals and Alex’s goofy stage antics to Sadie’s never-ending smile and Evan’s killer key skills. There’s nothing about you and your music I don’t love. Thank you for the incredible songs. Thank you for staying true to yourselves. This is just the beginning of a very long and bright journey. — Eric Weiner

Photos by Andrea Younes

Black Rivers

Bright Light Social Hour

James Bay


Ryley Walker


Sam Drew


Twin Shadow


Wild Ones


Foreign Fields


Good Harvest



Jack  + Eliza

Jeremy Loops



Leon Bridges






What Moon Things

The Wind and the Wave


Wolf Alice



Around SXSW


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Lucky us, we get to team up with a handful of our favorite companies at SXSW again this year for BANNERS, a free day party featuring Total Slacker, Blondfire, Team Spirit, Miniature Tigers, Bear Hands, How Sad, The So So Glos [READ ON]

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We’re back it again with our 8th edition of The Beehive, a free party featuring our very favorite bands hosted previously in New York City and Austin.  This year’s Beehive during SXSW is a special one for us, we’re welcoming back alumni Kishi Bashi, High Highs, The Eastern Sea, How Sad, and many [READ ON]

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9 years ago by Eric Weiner

SXSW is so very soon!  We dove into the thousands of bands listed as going to SXSW and picked which from the batch excite us the most. See our picks for the artists to watch [READ ON]

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