Computer Magic’s ‘Dimensions’ Takes You To A Special Place [Video]

Danielle “Danz” Johnson, who produces music as Computer Magicjust released the new Obscure But Visible EP. The EP’s title comes from a lyric in first track “Dimensions,” which Computer Magic recently released a video for — directed by Joseph Carlin and shot in rural, picturesque Pennsylvania, the video’s saturated colors and bright lights lend a sense of heightened reality to Computer Magic’s unfolding electronic composition and sprightly vocals. As Danz explores the countryside in search of her favorite places, subtle touches like CGI-animated butterflies and lightning bugs bring magic to the greenery. “Life is short / but love is long / take a breath / and carry on,” sings Danz, ensconced in a glowing cube that represents the enchanted safety of her surroundings. Like a science fiction fairytale, “Dimensons” shows Computer Magic finding comfort and inspiration in solitude and nature, a refreshing perspective that suits the digital mystery of her music.

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