Covey Explores Nostalgia with ‘Same White Shoes’ [Premiere]

Covey’s “Same White Shoes” begins with a nostalgic-tinged sweetness — comfortable guitar strums echo over the line “I’m sorry I’m such a mess, been thinking a lot about the past.” While the song’s tone suggests remorse, the chorus’ la la las manage to make light of the heavy situation, and there’s something wonderfully satiating about the way the guitar tones compliment each other — satisfying melodic intricacies entering and exiting at the right moments. Take a listen to the track above, and learn more from Covey below:

This whole record is a nostalgic purge, and this song is a way for me to remember a happier time without getting hung up on those feelings. My friends have meant so much to me growing up, and coming to terms with a life that currently doesn’t involve them has been tough.

  • Kellie Mardula


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