Creative Calm: 13 Songs to Help You Think

You may be fulfilling the creative cliché and sitting at a coffee shop, or in your studio painting up a storm, or at your work desk needing desperately to think through something imaginatively. No matter the situation, this playlist is here. From soundtrack tunes to instrumental pieces, this batch of tunes will both inspire calm and get your blood moving, helping you to focus and be your best and most creative self!


1. Explosions in the Sky – Human Qualities
2. Erik Enochsson – Harsh and stubborn that river bends
3. Trårvågen – Everything That Can Be Invented
4. Dario Marinelli – Briony
5. James Newton Howard – Fairy Dance
6. Phosphorescent – Sun, Arise (An Invocation, An Introduction)
7. Keaton Henson – Prolog
8. James Newton Howard – Main Title
9. Dario Marinelli – The Living Sculptures of Pembereley
10. Clogs – Kapsburger
11. Four Tet – She Likes to Fight
12. Goldmund – Evelyn
13. Daughter – Switzerland

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