Cruel Youth Delivers Soulful Pop Track with Mr. Watson [Stream]

Cruel Youth is the by-product of a three month long, lock-in experiment with husband and wife, Teddy Sinclair and Willy Moon. Recorded in the comfort of their own personal studio, “Mr. Watson” is a testament to the lifeblood of Amy Winehouse’s spirit and all that’s right with pop-adoration and sensations alike. The song is sung with lovesick pangs and a rockstar mentality, complete with soul and trap factors that divide evenly.

In addition to performing as part of the three-piece Cruel Youth, the balladeer, Sinclair, has also been involved with Madonna and Rihanna, collaborating on jewels like “Holy Water” and “Kiss it Better,” respectively. Verisimilitude in billboard-ready bullets is rare, but “Mr. Watson” is proof that original sentiments don’t always curl up and die when they surf on pop-friendly waves. But you be the judge… Listen to Cruel Youth’s single, “Mr. Watson,” above.

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