Daughter 15

Photos by Eliana Rowe

Daughter’s debut album, If You Leave, was released on April 30th in North America, and to celebrate, the London trio played two hauntingly beautiful sold out shows at Bowery Ballroom. WILSEN served as support with a set of wistful, dream-like folk songs. Singer Tamsin Wilson enchanted the ballroom with her ethereal voice, backed by perfectly simplistic instrumentation. Also notable was Tamsin’s masterful whistling, which ornamented the set with a strangely beautiful and ominous tone.

Daughter took the stage with an endearing reticence, as singer Elena Tonra thanked the audience in almost a whisper. Total silence fell as the band captivated the crowd with fragile songs of heartbreak and healing. The silence was broken only for the plaintive single “Landfill”, which every audience member thoughtfully sang along to. Though they sadly didn’t perform their haunting cover of Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky”, Daughter closed the show with an encore of their beautifully rendered mashup of Bon Iver’s “Perth” and Hot Chip’s “Ready for the Floor”. Before leaving the stage, Elena whispered more thank yous and blushed while the audience cheered. Daughter’s reserved stage presence coupled with their emotionally powerful ballads truly charmed us all.



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