Death Cab For Cutie Release Song About Trump [Video]


The election is looming closer at just under a month, and everybody I know is dealing with its lunacy in different ways. Death Cab For Cutie is dealing by releasing a brand new song and video about none other than Donald Trump. “Nobody makes it on their own without a million dollar loan / to cast the first stone you’ll need a million dollar loan,” Gibbard sings as a wall is slowly being built around a campaigning Trump.

The track is the first of Dave Eggers’ 30 Days 30 Songs anti-Trump series leading up the election. Other bands involved in the project are Aimee Mann, Jim James, R.E.M., and Thao Nguyen amongst many others. This is brilliant as is Death Cab For Cutie’s “Million Dollar Loan”. Watch/listen above.

  • Christine M-R

    It is always interesting to see how celebrities are responding to the election and have some light shed upon this amusing event. Great post and thanks for sharing!

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