EZTV Share Their Collaborators and Covers

EZTV’s newest album, High in Place, is out September 30 via Captured Tracks, so we figured we’d get in touch with them pre-release in order to figure out what we should be expecting. They got back to us with this–a list of songs by their collaborators/guests on the album, and covers that they’ve been doing. Overall, it gives us a well-rounded picture of what to look forward to from the band, and maybe (just maybe) it’ll be enough to tide us over until the release date.


Martin Courtney – Airport Bar

“I love this song, and not just because I played drums on it. The melody often pops into my head while we’re on tour–it makes me think of my wife, Pam, and how much I miss her when EZTV is on the road. This song also started playing over an airplane’s speakers as I boarded a flight, so it’s nice to know that somebody at Delta Airlines both likes rock and roll and has a sense of humor.” -Michael

Yo La Tengo – You Tore Me Down

“This is a cover we’ve been doing for a while, originally written by the Flamin’ Groovies. Our version falls more in line with the Groovies’ version, but I think Yo La cracked the code by cranking up the wistfulness.” -Michael

Chris Cohen – Yesterday’s On My Mind

“The last song on Chris’ new record is my favorite. It’s simply gorgeous, and that electric guitar line that hovers over the top of everything…is it possible for a guitar lick to encompass every secret of the universe? It’s so simple but transcendent, like the melody that the aliens in Close Encounters of the Third Kind use to communicate with us.” -Michael

Nic Hessler – (Please) Don’t Break Me

“Apparently Nic wrote this song when he was still a teenager (as Catwalk), which makes me feel crazy and jealous. Nic did a tour as our 2nd guitarist and doing a version of this in our set was a definite highlight.” -Ezra

Jenny Lewis – The New You

“I realized not long ago that I’ve been listening to Jenny sing for about 15 years. I was a tween doing “The Frug” alone in my room; I was a lovesick teenager pressing ‘repeat’ on my Walkman as “Science Vs. Romance” ended; I credit her performance of “See Fernando” on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson as a foundational moment in my ongoing love affair with country rock. What an awesome and generous human being, and she doesn’t seem to mind when I geek out at her about her past discography.” -Michael

John Andrews & The Yawns – Pennsylvania

“Bit by the Fang was my favorite album of 2015. I’m actually quite angry that he hasn’t asked me to play drums in his band, though his current band (every member of Soft Eyes) are all killers. He told us that his new album is done, so set your Google alerts now.” -Michael

Traveling Wilburys – Heading for the Light

“Our bass player Shane is a true Jeff Lyne fanatic. And Petty fanatic. And Traveling Wilburys fanatic. So, it made a lot of sense for him to insist that we cover this song.” -Ezra

Mega Bog – Aurora / 99

“I played guitar with Erin Birgy for a short time and we shared an apartment. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her band with the same exact lineup more than once. But on more than one occasion I’ve seen her and her crew perform some of the most engaging (and quietest) shows I’ve been to.”

Christopher Owens – Here We Go Again

“I thought Lysandre was way underrated, and that’s our boy Matt Kallman slammin’ the keys like he’s Steve Nieve at the El Mocambo! Sounds like a lost Nick Lowe or Elvis Costello nugget. Matt’s a beautiful dude with a poetic musical touch–and he tickles funny bones with the same panache that he tickles ivories.” -Michael

Emitt Rhodes – With My Face on the Floor

“The first cover song from our first EZTV show. Simple, clever & heartfelt– he clearly loves Paul McCartney but I love this record more than any solo McCartney album.” -Ezra

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