Float Into Psychedelic Apathy With Redspencer’s ‘Fuss’ [Stream]

Summer is coming to an end, which means the heat is turning up in New York City — no more leaving the office early on Friday to go out of town for the weekend. NYU students are returning to the city in droves, and Fall Fashion Week is fast approaching. Everyone is swamped and working on a deadline. Luckily, for our friends in the Southern Hemisphere, particularly Melbourne-based Redspencer, it’s winter that’s ending. For them, Spring is coming, and with it the laziness that comes with warm weather. This is where their newest song, “Fuss,” comes in. The first single off the band’s upcoming full-length debut Perks, “Fuss” is an exercise in warm apathy. And it’s one we in the North desperately need right now, as the pressures of fall take full hold. The song was recorded onto tape, and it certainly sounds like it, with the sunny and warm qualities that analogue purists laud so greatly at the forefront of the song. The slow-moving, psyched-out synth runs downwards like a stream pulling you into the song’s sunny dreamland. The bright but chilled out vocal track repeating the lyrics “It doesn’t matter too much” over the twang of the guitar force you to empathize with the song. As life picks up again, allow “Fuss” to serve as a reminder that not everything needs to be so serious.

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