Artwork by FONZY NILS


There really is nothing better in the world than the holidays. Spending time with your loved ones, stuffing your face with delicious food, and being an all-around jolly person — unless you’re the grinch of course! We had the pleasure of sharing a festive day of recording with one of our favorite bands, Freelance Whales, and put together this Buzzsession as a Christmas gift for all of you. Enjoy the jolly versions of their songs “Broken Horse” and “DNA Bank” below, and make sure to download the recordings for free. Merry Christmas everyone!

‘Honey I’m Home’ is a live session series produced by The Wild Honey Pie. With each new episode, we welcome a different band into our home and record intimate versions of their songs.

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Abner James
Mark Hayes
SOUND Harper James


  • Steven Spencer

    Very, very nice. Always been a fan of Freelance Whales. Followed them on Daytrotter also!

  • Eric Weiner

    Sorry Natalie! We’re working on a fixing this right now. For now, email me and I’ll send you the tracks!

  • Natalie

    The link to a free download does not work! :( Nor is it working on the other buzz sessions as well.

  • Jo Optimistic Mathews

    Ugh, how did that happen? I thought I was leaving a message, now I’ve started a conversation. And I’ve created an account??? wtf.

    Oh these are crazy days sometimes. Anyway, this music is awesomely goood. I have the Weathervanes album, so I’m lucky. But if you’re new to this music, just persevere through the glitches and what not. Or go get yourself a copy. It’s really, really lovely, relaxing and other things. <3 <3

    Now, how do I post this and scoot. Happy Merry Christmas for 2013 and a wonderful 2014 I wish for you too.

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