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Gardens & Villa is making the flute the hippest instrument in the entire goddamn world.  This California-based band has only released a self-titled debut LP to date, but they’re certainly not a group of amateurs.  They are tight-knit, experienced, and know how to put on a brilliant live performance.  The quintet was in Brooklyn last month and came into our home studio for a moody, vibe-y, sexy recording of their songs “Orange Blossom” and “Black Hills”.  Watch both below and snag the free MP3s as well.

Buy the Gardens & Villa debut LP here.

‘Honey I’m Home’ is a live session series made by The Wild Honey Pie.  With each new episode, we welcome a different band into Sounds Like A Fire home studio in Brooklyn and record intimate versions of two or three songs which are given away for free.

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  • Eric Weiner

    Thank you so much!!!

  • Christy

    I totally agree, I just saw these guys last weekend and they were fantastic! I can’t get enough of live sessions of them so I was sad to discover that this recording is no longer available. :( The band is amazing and deserves all the recognition they can get so I will still share the heck out of this, the whole concept of this site is great! :)

  • Eric Weiner

    Email me? hello [at] thewildhoneypie [dot] com

  • Josh

    Oh, the height of my hot joy when I came here thinking I could grab MP3s of these sessions, and oh, the stab of crushing disappointment when I realized they’d been taken down. Why doesn’t the label (Secretly Canadian) make them available? I’d lay out long green for these two songs, particularly high-rez FLAC files. Secretly lame.

  • Eric Weiner

    Hey Scott! Unfortunately we had to take them down because the label asked. I’m sorry!

  • scott

    Why is this *particular* session not available? I would very much like to pay for these two recordings.

  • isa

    great thank you!

  • Eric Weiner

    The majority of our sessions are still available for free download, but this one isn’t unfortunately. We’re working on some fixes to the site which will make it a TON easier to download the sessions. :)

  • isa

    Are the songs still available to download?

  • Eric Weiner

    Unfortunately not any longer. :(

  • Drew

    Is it possible to download the video?

  • @audyssey:disqus thanks!!!! :)

  • Love love this!

  • Evan chandler

    oops bass** :D

  • Evan chandler

    love the base line in black hills, great songs guys.

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