GEMS’ ‘You In My Dream Pt. 1’ Marks Their Romantic Relationship’s Ethereal End [Stream]

GEMS continue their Full Moon series (they release a song every — you guessed it — full moon) with the appropriately dreamy “You In My Dream Pt. 1.” The track speaks directly about the end of the DC duo’s romantic relationship and is filled with a mixture of frustration, sadness, and tenderness. The two take turns sharing their laments and the tone is wistful yet hopeful, marking the end of one phase of a relationship, but seemingly ready to move forward. Particularly beautiful is the track’s outro, when Lindsay Pitts repeatedly coos, “I don’t want to give up on you in my dream.” We can’t wait to hear the likely forthcoming “Pt. 2.” Listen to the track above and keep an eye on GEMS’ soundcloud page to hear the next release in the series.

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