George Taylor Shares the Plight of ‘The Youth’ on New Track [Premiere]

The slightly gloomy weather this week seems fitting for the unveil of George Taylor’s second track, “The Youth,” a lament on our current state and the disappointment of being young and underrepresented. “The Youth” begins with warm, steadfast guitar strums and the UK singer’s sincere vocals, but this somewhat somber tone quickly grows into one of defiance, as the instrumentation picks up and Taylor sings, “Don’t deny, soon they’ll be living here and not you.” The youth may be down, but they’re certainly not out. Read below to learn more about the track from George Taylor himself, and be on the lookout for more new music to come!

I wrote ‘The Youth’ just after I signed my publishing deal in New York. After a week of sessions, I had some time off so I drove up to Woodstock and rented a little cabin in the woods.

Having some real time away from London gave me a much clearer perspective on my life. I started thinking about how a lot of young people feel misrepresented and out of touch. This song is just me expressing the importance of the next generation…how young people need to feel like they matter and that they have a voice that’s being heard.

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