Hazel English is Distinctly Not Fine on New Track ‘I’m Fine’ [Stream]

It’s been over a year since Hazel English won us all over with her impassioned dream-pop with her track “Never Going Home.” Now, the Oakland, CA songstress is back with a new tune, “I’m Fine,” one which explores a more somber side of the artist’s ethos. It delves into a phrase that we’ve all said and not meant, “I’m fine,” specifically what will push someone to say that phrase when it’s not meant. The song, which comes in slow and muffled, details English’s struggle to tell a partner that she’s unhappy. “Now it’s just become a part of me,” she laments — more in an exasperated way than a self-pitying one. The guitar follows the vocals, interweaving with them and moving them forward — the synth comes in in the absence of the vocal track and meshes with the guitar just as easily. It’s as heartbreakingly beautiful as any internal struggle can be, with the music building as the emotions in the lyrics do. Limited-Edition vinyl preorders of her upcoming EP on Marathon Artists are available here.

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