Hilang Child Add Softness to Misery in ‘Starlight, Tender Blue’ [Stream]

Hilang Child – Starlight, Tender Blue


Newest track by Hilang Child, “Starlight, Tender Blue” dwells in a dreamscape under the forgiving cape of the night sky. Amidst reverb and echoes, electronic sparking stars, and shuffling drums, the chorus -“When the fire goes out, I’ll forget how to need you” – points the focus towards the calming affect of the darkness away from human attachment.

We, on the other hand, are quite attached to this human – Ed Riman (the brains and heart behind Hilang Child) – whose voice conjures an inextricably wistful magic. This is only one off the forthcoming debut EP, keep an eye out on Hilang Child’s Soundcloud for more to come.

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