Honus Honus Share a Brooding Sing-a-Long with ‘Oh No!’ [Stream]

October 21, 2016 Comments Off on Honus Honus Share a Brooding Sing-a-Long with ‘Oh No!’ [Stream]

Honus Honus’ anguish-pop solo career has crash-landed in vogue, syncing with the spirit of our darling election year, ft. apocalyptic politics and a handful of harum-scarum politicians. The latest single from the Man Man man himself, Ryan Kattner (or “Michael J. Fox as Teen Wolf”), not only winds up like a Musical Jolly Chimp, but concerns itself with politics of the heart — one that’s “bubble-wrapped in permanent depression.” It’s the kind of song you can imagine Heathcliff dancing to, madly, far out in a sedgy moor. Brontë’s Heathcliff, not the cat. “Oh No!” is the name of the song in question.

This particular dance-and-brood singalong is a post-disco flashback of a track, harkening even further back to glam bands like T. Rex and your favorite mid-70’s palindrome, ABBA. Its infectiously upbeat rhythm and righteously schmaltzy synth stabs juxtapose the more morose lyrical content, where “happiness is just an accident, wearing different clothes.”

P.S. Keep an ear to the ground for the Use Your Delusion LP, out November 4th, and believe me when I say — It’s quite good!

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