hunter & wolfe Find Humor In Misery With ‘No One Really Wants Me’ [Premiere]



We are so excited to share “No One Really Wants Me”, the first single from  hunter & wolfe’s upcoming EP Late Then Never. The Brooklyn-based duo first gained attention from their single “All My Might” on debut album days & works that came out in 2014. After 3 years of not releasing music, they are back with this charming new single, which they call an “about-to-take-myself-too-seriously song”.

Michael Maffei’s smooth-like-butter vocals pair seamlessly with Sundeep Kapur’s wailing electric guitar that almost feels like another vocal at times. “No One Really Wants Me” is a mid-tempo indie rock tune about the complacency developed after repeatedly not being wanted. The sentiment is quite sad but the band addresses it in a way that makes us want to dance in slow motion in front of the mirror and laugh at ourselves. The song walks a really thin line between vulnerability and a light-hearted self-awareness. “I try to curb my seriousness with sarcasm,” said Maffei on the single. “I was back on the ol’ dating scene and realized how comically woeful I could be about the whole process.”  The band attributes this type of self-deprecating humor to Woody Allen’s quote from Annie Hall: “I would never want to belong to any club that would have someone like me for a member.” The accompanying music video for the track is both cheeky and poignant, showing Maffei running on a treadmill while being completely ignored by the people surrounding him.

hunter & wolfe teach us a very valuable lesson with this new single, and that is to remain playful in the face of disappointment. Thank you for soundtracking this struggle for us, guys. We are looking forward to hearing the upcoming EP.

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