A few weeks ago, Winnipeg natives Imaginary Cities came through New York City for a string of shows.  During their visit, the band took the time to meet me under the Williamsburg Bridge in Manhattan for a quick recording session.

Unlike our other Buzzsessions, these were shot vertically.  What we did was pretty simple; we flipped our cameras sideways and started filming.  It’s funny to watch things this way because we grow up on horizontal media: televisions, movie theatres, everything is side to side.  But now with iPad, iPhone, and those other devices out there, the watching experience is more flexible.  Shooting like this is a work in progress, but there’s some pretty cool things we can potentially do with it.  Check it out and make sure to snag the free MP3s from our sessions below.

‘Buzzsessions’ is a live session series made by The Wild Honey Pie.  With each new episode, we travel with a different band to a different part of New York City and record sometimes-intimate/sometimes-wild versions of two or three songs which are given away for free.

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  • Chandaler

    I have been listening to “marry the sea” like every day for a week lol. Such an awesome little tune, very catchy, and very ….”happy”? lol.. I just love hearing it. I was very excited to find out that they are from Winnipeg, I am as well. That interview you guys do where they are eating a BDI and standing on that bridge. It’s crazy cause I was litterly there last week… anywhome, just wanted to say this band seems pretty awesome, can’t wait to hear more.

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