Japandroids Performed at Seattle’s Neptune Theatre [Photos]

Photos by Eric Tra

After several years away from the music scene, Canadian alt rockers, Japandroids, took the stage once again and gave a rocking performance to a sold out show at Seattle’s Neptune Theatre this past Saturday night. Opener, Craig Finn & the Uptown Controllers kicked the night off with a straightforward set of light rock tunes. Japandroids went on to play an eighteen song set that included a variety of material from their new album Near to the Wild Heart of Life and other hits from Celebration Rock and beyond.

As Japandroids, Brian King (lead vox and guitar) and David Prowse (drummer), took the stage, the crowd was filled with excitement and anticipation. Once in their positions on stage, the spotlights dawned on King as he entered into the intro of the title song “Near to the Wild Heart of Life”. The crowd, immediately and sprang up and pushed towards the center of the stage. Not even into the first thirty seconds of the opening song and the crowd already had a couple of audience members stage diving off center stage. Later on, in between songs, a concerned King added a few words of caution to enjoy the concert with safety. Japandroids carried on with their set playing a collection of songs with their characteristic hopeful and optimistic vigor.

Despite being a two piece band, Japandroids hold their own during their live shows — epic guitar riffs echo and reverberate against steady drum beats, keeping the momentum going from intro to encore. Rock anthems such as the song “The House that Heaven Built” had fans fiercely singing the lyrics “tell them all to go to hell!” with fists in the air. Fans old and new were on their feet and singing along whether they knew they lyrics or not. If anything was evident in Saturday’s show, it’s that the neither the band nor their fans have intentions of losing steam anytime soon.

Criag Finn & the Uptown Controllers
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