Jay Pray Shows Us the Softer Side of Synth on ‘I’d Go Anywhere (Do Anything)’ [Stream]

August 3, 2016 Comments Off on Jay Pray Shows Us the Softer Side of Synth on ‘I’d Go Anywhere (Do Anything)’ [Stream]

It’s somewhat rare to hear a synthpop track with sorrowful or dejected lyrics — the genre doesn’t have a tendency to beget sadness in any form. Initially, “I’d Go Anywhere (Do Anything)” seems to follow along with this pattern well enough — the lyrics “We don’t want to lose control with this delirium/Would you rather go to my place to have a quiet conversation?” following along with what seems to be the lose-yourself tone of most synthpop songs. But as verse leads into chorus, the song deviates from the pattern, as it’s revealed that the desires expressed by the artist, Jay Pray, are unrequited.

Rather than being an upbeat tune about a happy connection, “I’d Go Anywhere (Do Anything)” is an upbeat tune about one that missed the mark. If it weren’t so poppy and danceable, if you just viewed the lyrics, it would almost come off as a plea — “This is what I want, how far I am willing to go to make you love me.” Instead, the song allows itself to take the natural progression that an emotional experience like that would. It comes to an intense crescendo, with sounds crashing against each other, but eventually fizzles out, in the way an unrequited love does. This mimicry makes it both fun and forceful.

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