Jay Som Shared a Playlist of Inspirations

June 5, 2017 Comments Off on Jay Som Shared a Playlist of Inspirations

Oakland-based Jay Som (Melina Duterte) has been making waves with her latest album, Everybody Works, which has gotten pretty much universal acclaim for its range of interwoven styles. She put together a playlist of songs that have shaped her multifaceted sound, and it’s as wonderful and varied as you’d expect. Check out the playlist and her commentary below, and be sure to catch Jay Som’s indie-inflected bedroom pop at Rough Trade tomorrow, June 6th and at McCarren Park on June 8th as part of Northside Festival.


1. George Benson – Give Me The Night

He’s so good it’s insane. This song along with “Runnin'” by Earth, Wind & Fire is the reason why I wanted to include scatting to the riff on “Baybee.”

2. Liz Phair – Why Can’t I?

This song was in heavy rotation during the writing/recording process. I just love how powerful the chorus is and the way all the voices and harmonies are blended together.

3. Peter Bjorn and John – Eyes

The tiny tour we went on with them blew my mind and inspired me intensely because it reminded me why I love music so much — this was my fav track they played live.

4. Broadcast – I Found The F

I love this band so much, I’ve always been very influenced by their drum sounds, strange instrumentation, and Trish Keenan’s vocals.

5. Sparklehorse – Homecoming Queen

I would listen to Vivadixiesubarinetransmissionplot sometimes to fall asleep during the tracking of the album, love this album to pieces.

6. Pixies – River Euphrates

This song rips quite hard, I wish I could capture half the energy in this track.

7. Carly Rae Jepsen – Boy Problems

I just can’t escape her.

8. Yo La Tengo – Autumn Sweater

They’ve always been a huge influence, seriously the best band ever.

9. Interstellar: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack –  Stay

The score for this film is so gorgeous, I would listen to this soundtrack if I needed instant chills and inspiration.

10. Broken Social Scene – Anthems for a Seventeen Year Old Girl

I remember hearing this song for the first time, stopping dead in my tracks and entranced, then I thought “I want people to feel that way.”

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