Joan As Police Woman teamed up with Benjamin Lazar Davis for ‘Satellite’ [Stream]

For the latest project of Joan Wasser, aka Joan As Police Woman, she’s teamed up with Benjamin Lazar Davis for a full collaborative album entitled Let It Be You. Davis, a touring member of Okkervil River and Cuddle Magic among others, provides a perfect foil for Wasser’s songwriting prowess. Single “Satellite” is moody and contemplative, with echolalic background vocals and front-and-center percussion creating a world for the song to live in. The cover art, with Wasser & Davis’ jumpsuits and modular machinery, invokes a sterile and computational environment, but “Satellite” proves the record is anything but. The warm production features distorted synths creating an atmosphere of indistinct yet intriguing instrumentation, perfectly supporting Wasser’s emotional lyricism. Reminiscent of Rostam and St. Vincent, the restrained and autumnal vibe of “Satellite” unlocks Let It Be You as a whole, and proves the worth of this collaboration.

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