Kat Cunning Stuns With ‘Baby’ [Stream]

There’s a moment at the end of Kat Cunning’s stunning debut single, “Baby,” when the slowly built layers of engrossing production spin off of Cunning’s voice, exposing her dry vocal. The effect is similar to being pulled out of a party right as it is taking off, and equally as jilting. “Take me home,” she intones. “I forgot my keys again.”

It’s just a few seconds of this solitude that prove that even without the brilliantly complimentary sounds of “Baby” (a cleverly cubist interpretation of reverb, blooming piano and guitar), the wispy threads of Cunning’s voice are just as intoxicating. “Baby” evolves through a gently shifting electropop mantle, allowing different colors of Cunning’s warm, yearning soprano to shine through at each lens change. It’s a debut that manages to embody Cunning’s talents as both a Broadway actress and performance artist along with her penchant for delivering a truly ingraining pop hook.

We can’t wait to see what Cunning has in store for her debut EP, coming early next year. For now, enjoy “Baby” above.

  • the undeniable truth

    Beautiful song. Such an amazing talent! Cannot wait to hear the rest of the EP!

Thanks Squarespace!