Katie Von Schleicher Made Us an Emotional Playlist

We asked Katie Von Schleicher to make us a playlist, and as expected from the Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter known for her cleverly written indie rock, she presented us with one titled “Feelings I’ll Regret Sharing With You.” Admire her playlist below (spoiler: many emotions are involved) and be sure to have a long listen to her debut record, Shitty Hits, out July 28th on Ba Da Bing Records.



1. Randy Newman – Real Emotional Girl

It’s hard to pick just one Randy Newman song for a crying party. What seems to get me going best these days is a narrator who might be stunted a bit, but they’re doing their best to convey their feelings. They’re a bit faulty, they might not see what their partner’s feeling, and even if they do, they’re not handling it right. Randy plays the jackass but he sees everything. Thanks for all the tears.

2. Wendell Stuart and the Downbeaters – Always Something There To Remind Me

There’s this lonely atmosphere around the drums and Wendell’s voice that just explodes when the backing vocals come in on “always something there”… it’s just too much. Gotta cry.

3. Big Star – Big Black Car

This song is so placid, ecstatically dejected. There’s something about the cold isolating machinery of a car, you just got to be cryin’.

4. The Platters – Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

This song has been elevated for me by its part in the film 45 Years, which is truly haunting. If you make it to the end of either one, you must cry.

5. The Flying Burrito Brothers – Hot Burrito #1

Possessive and a bit wrong-headed. But Gram Parsons has a sense of humor lurking in all his pleading, and I tell you, that makes me cry.

6. Dionne Warwick – Anyone Who Had A Heart

From this song’s writing and arrangement to Dionne’s delivery, mastery abounds. The chorus opens up into musical joy even though what she’s singing is the saddest sentiment. That’s perfect. Confuse me, give me both, let my tears be happy, too.

7. Chi-Lites – Oh Girl

The other week I was playing this song to myself, and I thought, wow, this cheese yields a fine cry. Plus there’s that episode of The Sopranos where Tony lets out a fat tear to this tune.

8. Nina Simone – Mr. Bojangles

Heard this in a London cafe a week go. This place was founded on the concept of savory pancakes. No comment. But the song – I think it epitomizes how Simone, the ultimate genius, can turn any lyric into the most devastating cry-fodder. Bojangles? Really? Yeah, I’m crying.

9. Michael Hurley – Whiskey Willey

Hurley squeezes the tears because he’s not sentimental, you are. Heard this while making some sweet potatoes recently. “Your heart is breaking and you lookin’ like it.”

10. Bruce Springsteen – Racing In The Street

What the hell is going on here? First I’m crying because I love this guy’s car for him, I’m crying about car parts. At least I think so, until I realize this is one of the finest accounts of all forms of love and the passage of time, god damn it. Then I’m hearing the cheesiest instrumental section, and I’m regretting allowing myself to get this deep into Springtseen. Tears all around.

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