Lady Lamb Announces New EP and Living Room Tour [Stream]

One of our longtime favorites, Lady Lamb, dropped some mega exciting news recently. Along with announcing that a new EP, Tender Warriors Club, will be released digitally December 1 and physically January 13 on Mom + Pop, she also revealed plans to embark on an extensive (long ass) solo living room tour beginning in January. While her two most recent albums were an effort to expand both old songs and new ideas, Tender Warriors Club recalls her earlier more minimal work — when live performances were done on acoustic guitar and Lady Lamb was still a Beekeeper.

“See You” showcases the stripped-down, intimate vibe we anticipate on Tender Warriors Club while retaining familiar elements like pairing elegant physical (“your skin to my bone”) and metaphysical musings (“if I see you when I look in my own eyes / how could I ever despise myself again?”). Thematically, the EP seeks to explore meeting fear and anxiety with kindness and patience and by “making a conscious effort to stay tender”. Interested in joining the club? Check out the website to see the tour dates, submit your space to host a living room show, see the EP’s track listing (s/o to “Tangles”), read the Tender Warriors Club manifesto (s/o to this manifesto being the best thing ever) and more. Listen to Lady Lamb’s “See You” above.

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