Låpsley Hit Her Stride in New York [Photos]

Photos by Joyce Lee

“I won’t be able to get any real jobs,” Låpsley joked in the middle of her set last Wednesday after pointing out a small tattoo she had recently decided on. Obviously, the 20-year old electronic artist doesn’t have to worry about work — she released her debut album earlier in the year and averages nearly 2 million monthly listeners on Spotify. But it was an admission of somebody new to navigating fame. The show at Webster Hall marked the start of her US tour and, overall, there was an impression of trying to adapt.

Switching between two mics — a normal one and one that slurs her voice into a deeper register — Låpsley, who wore a shimmering, fall-colored coat, at times seemed unsure of how to occupy the stage. Her songs, in general, don’t really inspire energetic movement, favoring instead a more wistful swaying, and she wavered between trying to create a more exuberant atmosphere and standing still to match her mellow beats.

Beyond that, her voice was strong and clear, traveling a vast range, and fans enjoyed the hits. Most of her songs explore the tensions of love with either jaded detachment or a headlong need for certainty, and the room fully indulged in the masochistic chorus of her most famous song “Hurt Me.” This happened to be Låpsley’s last song of the evening, the finale in her encore, and it was when she fully hit her stride, mastering the stage and leading the audience through what was the highpoint of fun in the evening.

Earlier, the British duo, Aquilo, treated the crowd to their placid, melancholic tunes — icy music with a flame of hope hidden away.

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