Listen to Cuddle Magic’s ‘Spinning’ [Stream]

Experimental pop sextet, Cuddle Magic, recently released a third single from their upcoming fifth album, Ashes/Axis. “Spinning” has an electronic Age of Adz-ian vibe to it and was co-written by Benjamin Lazar Davis (of Cuddle Magic) and Sarah K. Pedinotti of Lip Talk. It’s sparse in a way that only the vitals remain — Cuddle Magic consistently take pop music in unpredictable directions without leaving you behind. Listen to the latest, “Spinning”, above but be sure to check out “Slow Rider” and “Trojan Horse”, too, if you haven’t. Cuddle Magic is doing a short run with PHOX for their farewell tour this month as well as some solo dates. Check those dates here. Ashes/Axis is out January 27.

  • sheshell59

    Their live shows are truly captivating. Catch one if you can.

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