Lunar Hand Tease Futuristic Take on Vintage Pop [Premiere]

SoCal psych garage pop trio Lunar Hand are just out of high school but boast some killer chops with distinctive 1950s vintage pop flair. The greaser theatrics which the Arctic Monkeys have been chasing on their past few releases seem to come naturally to these youngsters as they deftly maneuver through futuristic Buddy Holly-esque versus into a full-throttle, desert rock hook. The sound is huge and the cryptic lyrics are whip-smart, sung in an aching baritone that belies their age.

We’re proud to present the lead-off single, “Smoke and Chandeliers,” exclusively for your listening pleasure–the first tease from their forthcoming debut EP Magic Hour, which was produced entirely by band spearhead, Junior Reed, and his father.

Thanks Squarespace!