Maggie Rogers Shares Vibrant Parting Gift ‘Split Stones’ [Stream]

After a whirlwind year of touring and releasing her debut EP Now That The Light Is Fading, Maggie Rogers is looking towards a new chapter in her life. But before she goes, she’s given the world “a parting gift” with her newly dropped single, “Split Stones.” A song she wrote in college, “Split Stones” sums up her year of touring, of finishing up her last semester, and of growing up and moving forward. Like her other hits, the track is vibrant and has a way of nuzzling itself into our thoughts – of making us feel nostalgic, but also ready for a new adventure. Accompanied by a “home video” directed, edited, and shot by Rogers (along with Taylor Brock), “Split Stones” gives us a slice of her life on tour – summing up Rogers’ sincerity that we’ve come to know and love. While she takes some time to try her hand at more music, we’ll be listening to “Split Stones”, excitedly awaiting her return.

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