Marika Hackman Returns With ‘Boyfriend’ [Video]


Remember being jarred by Marika Hackman’s That Iron Taste? I do. It was dripping with blood, and I loved it. In fact, everything she’s released sounds filtered through a post midnight haze when the most beautiful things take on nightmarish qualities. Well, Hackman has returned with a new song, video, and vibe, and it feels sort of…fun. She’s dealing eye rolls in broad daylight. “‘Boyfriend’ is payback for all those times I’ve been interrupted mid-snog by some seedy wanker asking to join in.” Yeah, that’s gross. Get ’em, Marika.

The track was released earlier this month but its video got dropped just yesterday along with the news that her new album, I’m Not Your Man, will be released via her new label, SubPop! The video for “Boyfriend” features her best friends and London four-piece, The Big Moon, and it’s just really fun to watch. Definitely digging the lighter sound and definitely can’t wait to hear the rest of I’m Not Your Man. High fives all around. Watch “Boyfriend” above and pre-order the new album, out June 2, here.

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