Matt Corby Played Terminal 5 and Shared More Behind the Scenes Shots [Photos]

As we enter the third week of Matt Corby’s US tour, we’ve been gifted a slew of sweet new photos from the road, courtesy of Corby himself! This week, he took us backstage for his Los Angeles show at the beautiful Wiltern Theatre, and then on to Texas as he and his band hit up a batting cage in Durham for some fun in between their Dallas and Austin shows! Check out the photos below, and a review of his Terminal 5 last Thursday!

Writeup by Myles Rodenhouse

When I was given the opportunity to see Matt Corby on Thursday, I jumped at the chance. I worked with him for most of April 2013 at Perfect Sound Studios in Hollywood, and was extremely taken with the talent of Matt and his band. I wanted to see how they’ve grown, and how they bring the studio magic to the stage.

Last Thursday, Matt Corby stopped by Terminal 5 as part of his exhaustive world tour for his new record, Telluric. The Australian songwriter’s particular sense of soulful groove and melody did not disappoint, and the band delivered a very tight performance that brought the LP to life on stage.

Much like his past music, the songs from Telluric are heavily driven by vocals. On stage, Matt gracefully switched between thoughtful, behind-the-beat singing, and voguish vocal licks in line with his roots as a contestant on Australian Idol. But the vibe of this tour, and much of what he’s written in the past several years, really demonstrates how beautifully he’s stepped into his own. Corby is creating something that still has a pop sensibility, but also a truly unique and independent sound, full of integrity from a man who cares about his art, and whose talent has certainly outgrown his beginnings.

The band tastefully kept Matt’s vocal in focus, demonstrating exact control of dynamic and groove — even the tight vocal harmonies met the high standard that Matt creates. Saturated bass lines started the show off with instant vibe, as they opened with “Belly Side Up,” locking it in for the rest of the set. The band played some great riffs that wove around Matt’s rhythmic voice without stepping on them in “Knife Edge,” and at times, they stepped completely out of the way for him to do his thing on songs like ”Monday.” Matt’s heavy guitar, of course, easily defined the sound of the group, but didn’t overshadow the precise keys and guitar work behind him.

While the new stuff was very captivating, it was just as great to hear some of the old tunes, including “Resolution,” and a personal favorite, “Trick of the Light,” both of which I had the pleasure of experiencing behind the glass at Perfect Sound, and neither of which disappointed me in their full glory live. As expected, his early hit “Brother” was met with applause and singing along.

It was interesting to see how reserved and shy Matt’s stage presence was when he wasn’t singing. He’s clearly focused on delivering a show that his fans could really appreciate through sheer musical performance, leaving a dramatic, rock-n-roll energy aside in favor of spot-on delivery and seriously engaging ear candy.

All in all, it was one hell of a show.


Soundcheck at The Wiltern Theatre in Los Angeles

FullSizeRenderWiltern LA

Soundcheck at The Wiltern Theatre in Los Angeles

FullSizeRender-5Wiltern LA

Soundcheck at The Wiltern Theatre in Los Angeles

FullSizeRender-4Wiltern LA

Soundcheck at The Wiltern Theatre in Los Angeles

FullSizeRender-8Wiltern LA

Backstage at The Wiltern before the show

FullSizeRender-3Wiltern LA

Backstage at The Wiltern before the show


Dallas, TX

Batting Cages in Durham

Batting Cages in Durham, TX


Austin, TX

Austin 2

Austin, TX

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