Mesita Returns With An Exquisite New LP [Stream]

Good news fell into my inbox yesterday when Bandcamp so kindly notified me that Mesita had a new album up. It’s been nearly two years since the deliciously dark The Phoenix was released, so it’s safe to say we were ready. The Colorado-based musician is a wizard at fusing genres, particularly rock and electronic pop, and creating something that feels fresh on your ears. He also has a way with channeling exactly how he’s feeling into the fabric of a song, so listening is always an enriching experience. The new album, With Love, from Laniakea, is about “finding a way to exist in the mess of time and noise of space. Immeasurable heaven left undefined or unreached, searching for an exit to find a way back in.” If that sounds exquisitely exhausting, let me reassure you that it’s mainly just exquisite (as per usual). Listen to a cut from Mesita’s latest above.

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