Mesita’s Breakup Music You Can Dance To [Stream]

Mesita dropped his most recent full length (With Love, from Laniakea) in just August of last year but started dropping fresh singles again in December. I’ve always appreciated the depth and what feels like contained chaos in Mesita’s work. It’s beautiful and never fails to move me. This recent trail of singles, however, hits a little differently. I’m moved to dance first and listen second, which, as it turns out, was his objective. It’s “breakup music you can dance to” because times are dark enough. But upon earnest listening, these tracks are just as intimate and deep as his previous work.

“…You can’t blind yourself from another’s shortcomings and pretend it’s going to be peachy. You have to say, hey if you keep flying the plane that way this thing’s gonna crash. But everyone’s got their crazy flaws and that’s what makes the whole experiment so exhilarating. That’s what these new songs are about. Navigation. Some things are just irreparable. That Disneyland magic ends up ‘I want my money back.’ The gourmet turns out to be generic. You assign them to a role they didn’t sign up for. Or they lose interest, plain and simple. You gotta keep diving in, even with that fresh doubt weighing you down. Just gotta find a reliable swim partner who will help if you start to sink.”

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been listening to almost exclusively pop for the last three months just because everything else already feels too heavy, and Mesita is right there with us turning heartbreak into something we can all dance to. That’s beautiful. Start with Mesita’s latest, “Spirits”, above, then be sure to work your way through the other three (my favorite is “Compliments”).

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