Milo Greene – On the Fence

Since I first discovered Milo Greene years ago shortly after the release of their debut self-titled album, I’ve been waiting patiently for them to release new music. With the recent release of Control, I can say that the wait has been completely and utterly worthwhile. No song sounds the same on the album, which is part of its distinct charm. Each of the four band members contributed to the album by writing songs, singing, and playing instruments — sharing control — a feat that has seen disastrous results with other bands. Rather than take that as bad sign, however, Milo Greene ran straight toward the challenge and tackled it with impressive skill.

The band taunted listeners by releasing a handful of singles before dropping the album, including the groovy “On the Fence” with its solid drums and fluttering guitar riffs and the sad yet completely danceworthy “Lie to Me”. The album as a whole holds a bit of a nostalgic edge to it where you feel as if you’re listening to a fun pop album from decades earlier. Solid drumlines are also a key element to be found across the album. My personal favorite “When It’s Done” particularly embodies the vintage aura, plus there are some pretty sexy vocals to go along. Control closes on a slower note with “Royal Blue”, where all that’s left to do is sit and contemplate the musical mastery you just experienced.

  • swansuite

    We now know that this album was an epic fail.

  • Oatboat

    That’s super interesting that you liked both the old Milo and the new….hmm.

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