Mitski Brings Light to Emotional Darkness with ‘Happy’ [Stream]

We may be headed into the season of summer flings and romances, but take note of this upbeat, complex swirl of heartbreak. In this tune, Mitski explores all the ways we chase happiness (or to use her own words, all the many ways that “happiness fucks you”). Though rife with sadness — “When you go, take this heart, I’ll make no more use of it when there’s no more you” — in the sonic chaos that is “Happy”, an endearing and relatable tale emerges. From the contemplative brass chorus to moments of poignantly mundane lyrics — “Oh the cookie wrappers and the empty cups of tea. Well, I sighed and mumbled to myself: ‘Again I have to clean’” — Mitski finds some light out of an emotionally dark situation. Head over to her Bandcamp to hear more of her upcoming album, Puberty 2, before it’s June 17 release on Dead Oceans.

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