Mr. Byrd’s Plaintive “Why God Why” is a Simmering Slice of Retro Rhythm and Blues [Premiere]

Alabama-born Jeremy Byrd’s innate musicality was recognized at an early age when he was signed to Verve with his family band The Bridges. After the label deal imploded, the 23-year-old reinvented himself musically as a plaintive powerhouse and is now readying his soul soaked debut Steel Cold Train. The EP’s lead-off track “Why God Why” sounds like a futuristic version of Solomon Burke, complete with a heady string section, funky horn solo and of course lovelorn lyrics. Byrd explains

“I was broken up with. My disbelieve and anguish was crippling. She was living in Hong Kong. I imagined only a dream could reach her so I invited her to dream with me. But, I knew, she would never hear my song and every dream would be broken. And I would never be fixed.”

The heartbreaking track delivers in spades and is excellent introduction to this young talent who holds the promise of creating much more lovely music for those of us who dig modern indie but also appreciate the sounds of yesteryear.

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