Party at Summer Camp with Palehound, Calliope Musicals, Buffalo Rodeo and More!

As we get older, it gets harder to enjoy summer the same way we did when we were kids. With jobs, it’s just tough to find time to do the things you used to — like go to the beach, play sports, dance or camp. That’s why we’ve come up with the solution to fading summer: Welcome Campers — a three-day, all inclusive summer camp, where you can relive your summery days of yore with the adult twist your teenage self always wanted.

Welcome Campers, now in its fourth year, will be taking place at Massachusetts’ Camp Lenox from August 26-28, and a ticket purchase guarantees both room and board and access to the entire summer camp, including performances by our incredible musical guests, the first wave of whom are listed below. Be sure to check back for more artist updates, and we’ll see you there!



Palehound – We’re very excited about this Boston indie rock band, fronted by Ellen Kempner. Pitchfork said of her recent debut LP: “Like her former camp counselor and roommate, Speedy Ortiz’s Sadie Dupuis, Kempner never lets a sad jam wallow. Her songs are full of odd little about-turns that elevate above the usual plainspoken acoustic indie fare.” NPR states: “The most exciting part of all: Palehound is only beginning.”

Calliope Musicals – The most visually stimulating band we’ve seen from Austin, inspired by The Flaming Lips, but truly talented in their own way. Voted “The Best New Band of Austin” by the Chronicle, due to their over the top performances with confetti cannons, projections, and outstanding props like nothing you’ve ever seen.

Buffalo Rodeo – Bowling Green’s Buffalo Rodeo often walk a fine line between vintage and new, weaving sounds of artists like Fleetwood Mac with an updated psychedelia. While the band might feel at home in the quiet of nature, they can still put on one hell of a rock show, which we can’t wait to see in their natural state at camp.

Kid Mountain – The youthful Boston-based band creates the sort of music that makes you wistful for summertime, and makes you want to be their camp friends.

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